2019-2020 Officers

President – Randy Sheffield
Vice President – Jamie Keep
Secretary/Treasurer –Andrea Benes

Board Members

Jim Amos
​Mitch Benes
Larry Dybdal
​Scott Hinrich
​Jamie Keep
Mitch Pesek
​Kristian Rennert
Randy Sheffield
Tom Sonderup
​Jesse Taylor
Roseann Wilson
Doug Winz

Nebraska Charolais Breeders, 

The growth of the Charolais breed in the last few years has been tremendous, and the breeders in Nebraska are directly responsible. Nebraska has as much diversity within its borders as any other state, this means that cattle must work in many different environments. Therefore, cattle produced in this state are sought after by cattlemen all over the country. From power and performance cattle to calving ease bulls, Nebraska has it all. What is most unique about the cattle produced in this state is the direct knowledge that many producers have with the feeding aspect of the cattle business. Industry relevant attributes such as Ribeye Area, Marbling and Back Fat are just as important to you as Calving Ease, Weaning Weight and Milk. This helps create cattle that check all the boxes for the commercial cattleman. 

To the purebred cattleman I encourage you to continue to educate yourselves and your customers on the ever changing landscape of the cattle business. With the fast-growing use of technology buzz words like Genomics and GE-EPDsS have crept into our vocabulary. The utilization of this technology has become common in our everyday life and with good reason. The science behind beef cattle production gets more proven everyday and shows no signs of going away. With that being said using tools such as Genomics in tandem with old school selection methods is what makes the Charolais breed sought after. Many of our breeders still want to use knowledge gained over years of experience to breed the cattle that they know work for their customer. 

From the AICA’s perspective we want to appeal to both the modern technology and old school breeding methods. We introduced GGP BOV 50 in late 2017, this single step method of genomic enhanced EPD’s will still provide the same data at a much lower price point. We also implemented the utilization of the Terminal Sire Index (TSI) which helps commercial cattlemen identify the genetics that should provide them the most return at the terminal endpoint. These factors combined with the proven methods of selection should help the purebred breeders produce the best product they can. 

If there is anything that we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or the association for assistance. Myself and the other field representatives travel to many events throughout the year and are here to help. I can be reached on my mobile phone at (765)376-8784 or via email at [email protected]


Colt Keffer
​North Central Field Representative
​American International Charolais Assn.